We are a grant-giving fund for LGBT/HIV community groups in Brighton & Hove
  • Funding Criteria

    For details of this year's funding criteria please click here
  • Q1 - Contact Details

  • Q2 - What type of organisation are you?

  • Q7 - How many people are involved in running your organisation?

  • Q8 Amount applied for

  • Successful applicants will need to provide details of actual expenditure and outcome/success of the project, before further applications can be considered. Grant payments will be made by cheque or by bank transfer, with publicity of the amount granted, and project covered, on our website and in local LGBT media
  • Q9 What is your organisation’s annual income?

  • Q10 Describe the project/service for which you are applying and what you will do with the funds.

  • Q11 Please provide evidence of need for this service or project

  • Q12 What will three outcomes of the funding be?

  • Q14 What is the timescale for your project or service?

  • Q15 How much will your project or service cost in total?

  • Q16 Are your services provided free to your users?

  • Q17 How quickly will a new person to your service or project be able to access it?

  • Q18 Are you are applying to other sources for funding this project?

  • Q19 Please provide a breakdown of the total budget showing how the money from The Rainbow Fund will be used :

  • Q20 Please add any further information to support your application


    By completing this application, I declare that:
    1.I am authorised to make an application on behalf of the above organisation
    2.I certify that the information contained in this application is correct
    3.If the information in this application changes in any way I will inform The Rainbow Fund
    4.If a grant offer is made, with or without conditions, I understand that a formal reply ( by e-mail), accepting the offer and any conditions, is required
    5.I give permission for The Rainbow Fund to publicise the amount funded and the project covered on our website and in the local LGBT media
    6.I give permission for The Rainbow Fund to record the details of my organisation electronically and to contact my organisation by phone, mail or email with information about its activities and funding opportunities
    7.I agree to provide details of actual expenditure, and an outcomes report, quarterly on request.
  • Referee

    Please give the name and contact details of someone outside of your organisation who has agreed to be an independent referee for your application.
  • Please attach the following documents:

    •A signed copy of your latest Annual Accounts (Accounts filed at Companies House or Charity Commission)

    •A copy of your latest Management Accounts (Day to day accounts for management committee)

    •A signed copy of your constitution, governance arrangements or set of rules •Details of any equipment to be purchased

    •A scan of a recent bank statement

    •A copy of your Equalities Policy
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